Friendly Ornament Garland

The holidays are the perfect excuse to get out your craft supplies and make all the decorations you’ve ever dreamed of! This simple garland has been in the back of our minds for a few months now, so we were so excited to see it finally become a reality.

We kept our ornament friends simple with kawaii faces but you could definitely get the googley eyes and pom poms out so that little ones can have a bit more to play with! Keep reading to see the full instructions.

what you need:


Step 1
To paint the inside of the glass/plastic ornaments, remove the metal topper. Mix some paint in a small bowl with a few drops of water – this will help the paint flow around the inside of the ornament more easily. Don’t add too much though or it won’t coat nicely.

Step 2
Pour the paint into the ornament and swirl it around to coat. Let dry.

Step 3
Use a permanent black marker to draw a cute face onto the ornament.

Step 4
Cut matching pipe cleaner into 1″ pieces. Hot glue them onto the ornament as arms and legs. Repeat for the remaining ornaments.

Step 5
String the ornaments onto a piece of string and tie a knot on the top of each to keep them in place.

Happy crafting!