Printable Arctic Animal Party Crackers

Christmas or party crackers are a fun and surprise-filled treat. And you can make your own with this free printable featuring arctic animals enjoying the winter holidays.

While this DIY version of a Christmas cracker or popper doesn’t make a loud pop when you pull the ends, it does still split apart to reveal the candies and other goodies inside.

These are so much fun to make for everyone gathered around your Christmas or New Year’s table, because it’s not only children who enjoy a little surprise. Plus, kids can help make these adorable animal friends!

Now, let’s get cracking!

what you need:

  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Kitchen knife (a craft knife also works)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ribbon
  • Candies or other small treats
  • Printable pages


Step 1
Print the Arctic Animal Party Cracker pages on card stock. Cut out all the pieces.

On the main animal pieces, it works best to score the cardstock so it’s easier to fold. Use a ruler and the point of a knife to score across the center of the white diamond shapes and the line right above and below the diamonds. Score along the five vertical sections too.

Step 2
Fold the cardstock on the horizontal scored lines, folding so you can see the printing. Then open the folds again.

Fold along the center of the diamond shape, then cut the triangles that show. This is the easy way to cut out those diamonds!

Step 3
Fold the cut out points of the diamonds back so that you have two “valleys”.

Fold each of the vertical sections so that it starts to form a squared tube.

Step 4
Use double-sided tape on the white section of the cracker. Glue stick also works, but tape holds securely without waiting for the glue to dry.

Wrap the cracker into shape and press the opposite side onto the tape.

Step 5
Attach the extra elements. For the penguin, curl the wings with your fingers a little. Use double-sided tape at the top of each wing and they’ll stick out just a little at the bottom.

For the walrus, attach the hat to the front, above his face. Wrap the scarf around the bear, securing it with tape and fringing the ends.

Step 6
Cut a piece of ribbon. If you’re using curling ribbon it helps to curl it before tying. Tie the ribbon around the bottom indent of the party cracker and secure it with a knot.

Fill the cracker with candies and other small treats. You’ll find that there’s still a small opening, even after you tie the ends, so be sure to use goodies that are larger than about 1/2″.

Tie a ribbon around the open end of the party cracker.

Which animal is your favorite? A pink walrus sipping cocoa is pretty great, and so is that chilly polar bear. But who can resist a little penguin wearing a sweater?

Set an arctic animal party cracker at each place around your table when you gather. Your guests will love popping open these treats and seeing what’s inside.

Candies are always a hit, but you could also add some large sparkly sequins, a fortune, or a small ornament.

Happy crafting!