Candy Poinsettias

We would never recommend eating a poinsettia, unless of course it is made out of candy! Poinsettias are often referred to as “the Christmas flower”, and these candy cupcake toppers would be perfect for any holiday gathering. They’re so festive without being too theme-specific, so you can take them to your office party, or serve them for dessert on Christmas Eve! Since they’re made out of Airheads candy, we personally think they are waaaaay more delicious than other cake décor options, and much easier to work with as well. You will have your guests fooled into thinking you’re a professional cake decorator!

what you need:

• Airheads mini candy bars (3 red, 2 green)
• Large yellow sprinkle
• Knife
• Kitchen scissors


Step 1
Cut three red Airhead candy bars each into four equal pieces. Next, cut each of those pieces into a leaf shape using clean kitchen scissors. Most of the pieces will have a thicker end, and you will want to make that the end of the leaf that will attach to the center of the flower.

Step 2
Use the dull side of the knife to push a crease into the middle of each leaf going the long way, about ¾ of the way up. Pinch the bottom of each leaf, so the crease is slightly folded together at the end.

Step 3
Next, gather the five largest leaves, and pinch them together at the bottom ends, adding one at a time. Fan them out, so they are somewhat evenly spaced. Repeat this step with another set of five smaller leaves.

Step 4
Lay the smaller leaves on top of the larger ones, and offset them so the smaller leaves fill in the gaps between the larger leaves. Push the layers together at the middle, and add a yellow sprinkle in the very center of the top layer.

Step 5
Cut two whole green mini Airhead candy bars into leaf shapes, and apply step 2, and then set the two leaves together so they are touching at the bottom. Set the red airhead leaf layers on top of the bottom half of the green leaves, and press together enough to make the pieces stick.

Arrange your candy poinsettias on a cake or cupcakes, and have a very Merry Christmas!