Recycled Bottle Art by Veronika Richterová

While scrolling through Pinterest and admiring recycled craft projects, we stumbled upon the beautiful work of Veronika Richterová. We were so excited to see the huge collection of plastic bottle art on her website – all the plants and animals are so inspiring and fascinating to look at! Based in the Czech Republic, Veronika cuts, heats, shapes, and assembles her sculptures using her massive collection of PET (aka plastic) bottles. Read more about PET bottles in Veronika’s tribute online, and learn all about their history, production, and what’s to come.

Below we’ve included a only a few of Veronika’s amazing sculptures – which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

These plastic fish were based on the leaping grey mullet – we can only imagine how amazing this sculpture would look in person, all the fish swimming together through the air.

This sinister looking crocodile is made up of green PET bottles in varying shapes, sizes, and shades of green.

What friendly looking penguins! We’re betting that Veronika used toilet-bowl cleaning bottles to make these charming birds.

This cactus collection is beyond words! The combination of colors and shapes has got us wanting to start a collection ourselves!

We are in LOVE with this lobster sculpture – the layers of red plastic are so striking.

These lovely roses utilize the screw top of plastic bottles in such a creative way!

Talk about the perfect decorations for Halloween! These spooky bats look so realistic.

The amount of detail Veronika puts into each sculpture is amazing – this shot really captures how truly cactus-like her sculptures are.

All photography © Michal Cihlář via Veronika Richterová