“You Make My Heart Sing” Valentines

There is nothing better than pink, hearts, glitter, crafting, and sweets all rolled into one holiday! Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite at our house, and this year we’re making these fun heart-candy musical notes to share with friends and family. They are colorful, yummy, and SO easy to make!

There is a bit of an age gap between our kiddos, but the entire family can participate in the assembly of these simple treats. Add the message, “You make my heart sing” to some tags, and put them in cellophane bags to pass out on February fourteenth. You could also use them as cupcake toppers! These Valentines will be sure to warm the hearts of all your friends!

what you need:

• Gummy heart candies / marshmallow hearts
• Toothpicks
• Washi tape
• Small cellophane bags
• Baker’s twine
• Cardstock
• Scissors
• Cutting machine (optional)
• Marker or alphabet stamps and ink pad
• Small hole punch


Step 1
Cut a 2” piece of washi tape, and fold it directly in half over the top of a toothpick. Cut it down a tiny bit at the end if it is not lined up perfectly, to even it out. Stick the bottom of the toothpick into the top right side of a candy or marshmallow heart until it is secure. Do not poke through the bottom of the heart.

Step 2
Cut a 2 ½ – 3” heart tag out of cardstock using scissors or a cutting machine. Write “YOU MAKE MY HEART SING” on the tag using a marker or alphabet stamps. Use a small hole punch to make a hole on the top left side of the heart.

Step 3
Put several heart candy musical notes in a cellophane bag. Loop a 12” piece of baker’s twine through the hole in the heart tag, and tie the twine in a bow around the top of the bag.

Enjoy! Don’t forget to take some to your music teacher, band director, and all of your music-loving friends! Happy Valentine’s Day!