Printable Valentine Magic Trick

Are you ready to amaze and astound your friends with a handmade Valentine? This simple printable Valentine’s Day card is also a magic trick!

You start with a frame containing a special message: “You Make Life Colorful Valentine!” The trouble is, it’s not very colorful. In fact, it looks like you need to do some coloring in.

The magic happens when you grab the pull tab. Out comes the message, completely colored!

You’ll learn the secret of how this trick works as you print, cut, and glue your own magical Valentine. You don’t even need a magic wand!

Say the magic words, and let’s make a cute Valentine appear!

what you need:

what you need:

Step 1
Print the magic trick PDF on card stock. Cut out the pieces from the first two pages, including the center of the red frame.

Set aside the third page with the black and white outlines.

Step 2
Fold the frame in half along the center line and fold the two tabs to the back. Open the folds.

Step 3
Tape the plain white divider piece to the back of the folded frame. Make sure that it covers the opening of the frame.

Step 4
Fold the tabs to the back again and rub some glue on them. Fold the solid back of the frame over, with the taped white divider piece tucked inside.

Let the frame dry while you work on the next steps. It helps to set a heavy book on top.

Step 5
Cut the sheet protector down so it’s a little larger than the rectangle with the outlined words and hearts. Make sure one edge is straight. Tape the clear sheet down over the outlined word page with the straight side aligned on the top of the rectangle.

Trace all the words and the hearts with permanent marker. Be careful to avoid smearing the ink while you are tracing!

Step 6
Run a thin line of glue along the top of the colored-in page with the pull tab. Place the clear sheet over the printed page so that the outlines match up with the colored shapes.

Trim the clear sheet down so it matches the edges of the printed page.

Step 7
When the glue is dry, slide the piece with the clear sheet into the frame. The trick is to slide the printed part behind the white divider while keeping the clear sheet in front.

When the insert is all the way inside the frame, your magic trick Valentine is just about ready to go. All you need to do is sign your name on the back so you can share the magic with a friend!

When you give your handmade Valentine away, watch the look of amazement on your friend’s face as the colors magically appear on their card!

This simple trick is so much fun to play with, even when you know how it works.

Want to customize your card? Instead of tracing the word “valentine!” on the clear sheet, write your friend’s name in that space. It’s a great way to make your friend part of the magic!