Painted Record Valentines

Hey Valentine, you ROCK! If you have music lover in your life, or someone with an ever-growing collection of vinyl, this is the Valentine card for them! We gave old CDs a coat of black paint to make them look like records and then got decorating.

These cards are seriously simple to make, so look up some music-related puns and get crafting! Plus, make Valentine’s day extra musical with these DIY “You make my heart sing” gumdrop Valentines!

what you need:


Step 1
Begin by painting your old CDs black. Let one side dry and then do the other side.

Step 2
To make the label, trace the center hole of the CD onto a piece of cardstock. Then find a circle/lid/round object that is about 2″ across and trace that around the smaller circle you just drew. Cut it out so that it looks like a donut and then glue onto the painted CD.

Step 3
Decorate the labels with stickers, stamps, paint – whatever you like!

Step 4
To make the record sleeve, if your CD came in a blank paper sleeve you can use that, or trace it to make a template. If not, use a ruler and pencil to draw out a super simple template (as shown above) to make a sleeve yourself. Basically it’s just two squares slightly bigger than the CD, with two folding tabs on one. Cut it out of cardstock and then fold along the center and the flaps. Use a gluestick to assemble.

Step 5
Decorate the record sleeves! We used stamps and paint for this, but have fun with it!

Step 6
Put the painted CDs into the sleeves and your Valentines are ready to rock!

Happy crafting!!

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