Pasta and Pipe Cleaner Crown

It’s probably not breaking news that pasta is one of our favorite craft supplies. Lately pipe cleaners have been another favorite to work with, so we just had to combine them for these DIY painted pasta and pipe cleaner crowns! We used shades of pink, red, and silver to give them a Valentine’s Day vibe but they’d really be fun for any time of year or celebration.

Your grocery store likely has lots of pasta noodles that are perfect for these crowns, but if you have a specialty grocer nearby, they sometimes have more unique shapes and types of pasta that your regular grocery might not carry. Our pasta collection has definitely been growing! Keep reading to learn how to make your very own set of pipe cleaner crowns!

what you need:


Step 1
Paint your pasta noodles! We used a bunch of different kinds, but make sure they all have some sort of hole to thread onto the pipe cleaners later. Let dry.

Step 2
While your painted pasta dries, experiment with pipe cleaners to make your designs. It helps to do this practise step so that you’ll have a better idea of how many noodles you need, if you need to paint more, when you have to thread them on in the process, etc.

Step 3
Time to make the real thing! Start cutting, shaping, and attaching pipe cleaners onto one long pipe cleaner base, adding noodles as you go.

Step 4
When you’ve finished your design, add another long pipe cleaner onto the base and form into a circle that fits the wearer’s head. Repeat as many times as you like!

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