Spring Bracelets

Spring Bracelets

Make this these adorably kitschy pipe cleaner bracelets to celebrate spring! This is a fun and relatively easy craft that even younger kids can make, for both boys and girls! Kids will love to wear the bracelets that they made themselves.

Spring Bracelets

These bracelets can also act as a fidget toy for your child, just make sure to close the pipe cleaner bracelet securely so that the beads won’t go flying. If your kids love spring as much as I do, they’ll be so excited to make these adorable little friends and take them on lots of fun adventures. Grab some pom poms and let’s get crafting!

what you need:

Spring Bracelets
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Big wooden beads
  • Tiny black beads
  • Felt scraps
  • Pompoms (about ¾ inches)
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Printable template


Spring Bracelets

Step 1
Download, print, and cut out templates for the chick legs, beak and wings. Trace onto felt and cut out. Choose a ¾” pompom and two tiny beads for the eyes.

Thread a sewing needle and tie a knot at the end of the thread. Pass the needle through the center of the pompom to secure the thread.

Follow the template stitches to work three backstitches to add the beak shaped felt to the pompom, remembering to poke through the center of the pompom on every stitch. Then, pull out the thread to make the beak close.

Stitch the eyes to the pompom, adding one tiny black bead on each side of the beak. Trim a little of the pompom surface to shape the face a little bit.

Add a wing on each side of the pompom with one simple stitch, then pull out the thread to shape the wing.

Finish your chick by sewing the legs centered onto the bottom of the pompom.

Spring Bracelets

Step 2

Cut out bunny paws, nose and ears templates from felt. Choose another ¾” pompom and two tiny beads for the eyes.

Repeat the same process as you did for the chick adding the eyes and paws.

Follow the template stitches to add the bunny nose and ears and shape them by tightening the thread.

Spring Bracelets

Step 3
Pipe cleaner bracelet

Take a pipe cleaner and choose some beads to decorate the bracelet and another one for the closure. Thread beads onto the pipe cleaner and spread them out.

Thread the closure bead on, leaving 1″ of pipe cleaner at the end to create a hook. Secure in place bending and twisting the pipe cleaner end as shown.

Measure your wrist, cutting the pipe cleaner if needed, leaving 1 ½” extra to make the other part of the closure. Create a loop at the other end of the pipe cleaner and twist to secure. Adjust and secure on wrist by attaching the bead hook through the loop.

Spring Bracelets

Step 4
Distribute beads along the bracelets and add pompom animals, stitching them together.

You can also hot glue pompoms to the top of the bracelets.

Spring Bracelets

Step 5
I’m sure you’ll want to make some more chicks and bunnies as soon as you realize how easy and fun is making these tiny animals from pompoms! You can make bracelets from different colors and even make a simpler version out of this bracelet skipping beads and closing, by simply twisting pipe cleaner bottom ends.

Spring Bracelets

Step 6
Not a big bracelet fan? Just shape the pipe cleaner into a heart or a star… add beads, your little pompom friend and tie a piece of twine to hang it as an ornament instead.

Spring Bracelets
Enjoy wearing all the bracelets you made on your wrist and go for a walk with your new little friends. Happy crafting!

Spring Bracelets Spring Bracelets Spring Bracelets