Rainbow Paper Plate Pockets

Have you noticed that we’re big fans of paper plates? We’ve got quite a few projects in the blog archives all about them – a few of our favorites are these paper plate birds and this DIY lion mask! Plus we’ve got even more fun paper plate projects on the way. Stay tuned! Today though we’re painting these adorable rainbow pockets!

Perfect as loot bags, sunglasses cases, craft storage, or just a fun accessory for kids, these rainbow paper plate pockets are SO easy to make that you’ll have a sky full of rainbows in no time at all. We used five bright shades of Apple Barrel acrylic paint, but you can go for pastels, traditional rainbow, whatever you like. Keep reading to see the full tutorial!

what you need:


Step 1
Cut your plates in half and use a paintbrush to paint rainbow arches onto the outside of each half plate. Let dry.

Step 2
Cut a piece of felt about 2″ wide and about 4″ longer than the diameter of your plate. Use hot glue to attach the felt strip to the unpainted / inside of the paper plates as shown.

Step 3
Use more hot glue to attach the excess felt up the sides of the plate, forming a pocket.

Step 4
Tie a piece of yarn into a loop and hot glue to the inside of the top edge of the back paper plate.

Step 5
Hot glue a pom pom onto the front of the painted plate so that it lines up with the yarn loop.

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