Badminton Birdie Flowers

April showers bring May flowers! And this time, these aren’t just regular flowers – we upcycled colorful badminton birdies into this playful bouquet!

These flowers are super fun for Mother’s Day, or just a creative activity to do with kids this weekend! Keep reading to see the full instructions on how to make your own badminton birdie bouquet – say that five times fast!

what you need:


Step 1
Cut a rectangle of colored cardstock and cut a fringe along one side. Roll the fringed paper and cinch at the base so that the fringes spread out into a circle. Hot glue this together and then into the inside of the birdie. Then take a pom pom and glue that into the birdie too.

Step 2
Remove the rubber ball-like end on the birdie if possible. Bend the garden wire and hot glue it to the plastic base.

Step 3
If you like the color of your wire, you can leave it as is and skip this step. We wanted something a bit brighter, so we wrapped the stem with white floral tape all the way down.

Step 4
Next we applied a quick coat of green paint and let dry.

Step 5
Finally, we cut a few leaves out of green craft foam and hot glued them onto the stem of each flower.