Costumes Inspired by Fredun Shapur

Costumes Inspired by Fredun Shapur

If you’re a longtime reader of the blog, you may remember several years ago when we shared these amazing paper bag costumes from our friends at Wee Society. These darling costumes were inspired by Playsacks designed by Fredun Shapur in the 1960s. Earlier this week we learned of the passing of Shapur and wanted to revisit these genius designs, as well as a few others, to pay homage to the always inspiring illustrator and toy designer.

Costumes Inspired by Fredun Shapur

It’s almost unbelievable that these designs aren’t from more recent times – Shapur’s choice of color as well as the line and shapes are so modern feeling.

Which animals are your kids’ favorites? We have a soft spot for the rabbits of course! We love how simple it could be to make these yourself for Halloween this year. Just grab an oversize paper bag from the hardware store, some paint from your stash, and of course some scissors and you’re well on your way to an adorably customized costume! Just make sure to check the weather forecast if you plan to wear them outside – you wouldn’t want rainy weather ruining all your hard work!

We also are in love with these metallic masks. Made of fringed mylar, these masks are amazing on their own or would be a great addition to a whole costume! Now that mylar is available in so many metallic shades, you could totally customize a mask to make one all your own.

Surprisingly, there isn’t much information about Fredun Shapur readily available online. Luckily though, there is now a book all about his life and designs called Playing With Design.

If you’re looking to learn more about Fredun Shapur and his revolutionary illustrations and toys, we highly recommend taking a look at these articles over on Design Observer and Index Grafik. They’re a perfect way to dip your toes in the water before diving into the book!

Shop some of Shapur’s designs (posters, puzzles, and books!) over on Piqpoq.

Have you ever made a paper bag costume? We’re so excited to try crafting our own this Halloween taking special inspiration from the ever amazing Fredun Shapur.

Images and information from Klat Magazine, Index Grafik, Stopping Off Place, and Design Observer.