Valentine’s Day Fingerprint Art Cupcakes

Do you have any traditions for celebrating Valentine’s Day? We often make a giant chocolate chip cookie on a pizza pan and shape it into a giant heart! After the cookie has baked and cooled, we’ll use icing to decorate it and write “Happy Valentine’s Day”.

If you have littles ones in your family, you probably have crafted several fingerprint and hand or foot stamped projects over the years. They make the best keepsakes and are such a fun way to remember how small everyone once was! That’s one of the reasons we love these simple Valentine’s Day cupcake toppers – not only do they make regular cupcakes special and personalized, but the little flags can be kept and tucked away inside a scrapbook as a little memento. Keep reading to see all our tips and tricks for making these adorable cupcakes!

what you need:

  • Paper
  • Ink pad
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue (or white glue)
  • Wooden skewers or toothpicks
  • Frosted cupcakes


Step 1
Start by writing a letter L on the piece of paper. Using a matching color of ink, press your finger into the pad. Stamp your finger right next to the L you just wrote, forming a letter O. Continue by writing “ve” to spell love and do this same process for the word “you”. Repeat this until you have as many “love yous!” as you have cupcakes.

Note: If you are crafting this project with your kids, it helps a lot if you are the one to write the letters as they stamp with their fingers. Otherwise, you may need to wash or wipe off the ink between the stamping and writing steps to prevent getting ink all over your markers.

Step 2
Cut out each “love you!” and snip a small V shape into the end to make a cute flag shape. Use hot glue to attach the other end to the wooden skewer or toothpicks – if you’re using wooden skewers, trim them as necessary so that they are the right length for your cupcakes. Then, simply stick the flags into your cupcakes and enjoy!

(You can also use white glue, but don’t forget to let the glue dry completely before putting the flags into your cupcakes!)

Happy Valentine’s Day!