DIY French Knit Monogram Brooch

French Knit Monogram Brooch

Who doesn’t love a good monogram? Making customized jewelry and gifts can be so easy, and today’s project is just that. These monogram brooches may look tricky, but if you’ve ever French knit (also known as tube knitting, and very similar to finger knitting!) before then you’ll breeze right through the whole alphabet.

French Knit Monogram Brooch

We love these knit letters as playful brooches for both kids and adults, but they can also be turned into necklaces or backpack charms if you prefer! Whatever you choose, these letters are so fun to make and are really an excellent DIY gift for almost anyone. Keep reading for the full step by step tutorial below!

French Knit Monogram Brooch

what you need:

French Knit Monogram Brooch
  • French knitting spool and needle/hook
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Rubber/plastic coated wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


French Knit Monogram Brooch French Knit Monogram Brooch

Step 1
Thread the end of the yarn into the middle of the spool so that the tail end comes out the bottom hole. Wrap the yarn at the top of the spool around each of the four pegs one time each, being sure that the yarn is wrapped at the base of each peg. Next, wrap the yarn along the outside of all four pegs, forming an almost square shape. All four pegs should now have two rows of yarn on them.

Use the needle/hook (or a chopstick if you don’t have one) to catch the lower strand of yarn on one of the pegs and pull it over the top of the peg along with the strand of yarn above it. Repeat this process for the other three pegs so that they all now have only one strand of yarn wrapped around them.

Repeat this process, wrapping the yarn around the four pegs and then pulling the bottom strands of yarn over the upper ones. Doing this repeatedly will form the rope to form inside the spool! Once the rope is 1 or 2 inches long, it’s time to insert the coated wire that will help shape the letters. Cut the wire as long as you like, and try bending it into the desired letter first to make sure you’re happy with the shape and size. Straighten out the wire and gently insert one end into the hollow center channel of the knit rope. Be sure that the wire doesn’t poke through the side of the rope as you do this!

Continue to French knit around the wire, tugging on the end of the rope gently as you go to guide it down the spool.

French Knit Monogram Brooch

Step 2
Once you’ve completely covered your piece of wire, it’s time to finish off the knit rope. Use the needle to lift one loop over to the neighboring peg so that one peg now has nothing on it, and that neighboring peg has two strands of yarn. Lift the lower yarn strand over the peg and the upper strand so that only one strand remains on this peg. Then use your needle to move this yarn loop to the next neighboring peg. As before, catch the lower yarn and lift it over the top, and repeat this process until there is only one yarn loop left on the last peg. Use the needle to hook and remove the loop from the last peg and pull the yarn tightly.

French Knit Monogram Brooch

Step 3
Trim any excess yarn from either side of the finished knit rope.

French Knit Monogram Brooch

Step 4
Shape your rope into your desired letter. Simpler letters like C, L, or S can be done with just one rope, but letters like A, T, or E will require a few ropes of different lengths. In these cases, just make as many ropes as you need, shape them, and hot glue them together.

If you want to wear the monogram as a brooch, simply attach a safety pin to the back. Or, loop a string through the letter and wear as a necklace.

French Knit Monogram Brooch French Knit Monogram Brooch French Knit Monogram Brooch French Knit Monogram Brooch

Happy crafting!