April Fool’s Day Edible Soap

April Fool's Day Edible Soap

My hubby has been hooked on making his own soap ever since he bought a few handmade bars at our local market earlier this year. You can get all the supplies online, and my silly side has always wanted to pour melted candies into a soap mold! April Fool’s Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it for a little prank, and I just know that my son will get a big kick out of eating “soap”.

With so much emphasis on hygiene and hand washing right now, you’ve likely had discussions with your kids about how truly important washing your hands is for everyone to stay healthy. This being so top of mind for families everywhere right now, we thought why not add some fun to your day and put smiles on some faces at the same time?

With all of the fun bath trends, there are many soaps available that actually do look like candy, so if you decide to play a little trick on your own kiddos, just make sure they are old enough to understand that they should NEVER actually eat soap. Ever!

April Fool's Day Edible Soap

That being said, how fun would it be to walk into the room with a bar of this candy “soap” in hand, and just take a big giant bite out of it in front of the kids. I can only imagine the look on my son’s face! It would be extra fun to ask if they would like to try some too – because it tastes delicious! Obviously at the end, you will have to let them in on the little secret. April Fool’s! It’s actually melted candy that we poured into a soap mold. GOTCHA! There are many approaches you could take with this Fools’ Day prank, and we would love to hear your story in the comments if you decide to make your own candy soap, or if you have any great ideas about other ways to use it for April Fool’s.

April Fool's Day Edible Soap

Oh, and if your husband cusses, you could threaten to wash his mouth out with “soap”, and he probably wouldn’t mind! If you need other ideas for April Fools’, check out this French fish game, or these cereal treat bowls. This mini lunch prank is adorable too!

what you need:

April Fool's Day Edible Soap
  • Microwave (not pictured)
  • Microwave-safe bowls
  • Candy melts
  • Soap molds
  • Spoon


April Fool's Day Edible Soap

Step 1
Melt your first candy color in a microwave-safe bowl in 30 second increments at 50% power, or follow the directions on your bag of candy melts. Stir the candy in between each 30 seconds. Do not overheat, as that will ruin the consistency of the candy. Pour the melted candy into one of your soap molds. You will most likely need to use the spoon to push the melted candy into the corners and crevices, and then use the spoon to smooth out the top.

April Fool's Day Edible Soap

Step 2
Allow the candy to harden completely in the mold. This may take a couple hours. Once it has hardened, pull the sides of the mold away from the candy, and then flip the mold over and gently shake and push the “soap” bar out of the mold.

April Fool's Day Edible Soap

Step 3
Use your candy soap to make the kids believe you’re eating soap for April Fools’ Day! Just don’t store the candy in your linen closet with the real soap!

April Fool's Day Edible Soap April Fool's Day Edible Soap April Fool's Day Edible Soap April Fool's Day Edible Soap April Fool's Day Edible Soap April Fool's Day Edible Soap April Fool's Day Edible Soap

Have fun pranking the kiddos, and happy April Fools’ Day!