Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunnies

Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunnies

It won’t be long before the Easter Bunny is making his rounds and with spring officially here, we can’t wait! These bunny silhouettes are SUPER easy to make and all you need is a pair of scissors and a few pipe cleaners. We like them as simple decor that you can tape to a wall, but you could also turn them into a garland, mobile, ornaments, or even a ring toss game!

Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunnies

Or get some Easter egg hunting practise in before the big day and hid these bunnies around the house for your kids to find! However you use them, we’re sure crafting them will put you in the mood for Easter. These are so simple to make that they’re a great project to work on while watching a tv show or during your next family movie night. Keep reading for the instructions below!

Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunnies

what you need:

  • Colored pipe cleaners
  • Scissors


Step 1
Select a color of pipe cleaner. Each bunny will need two (matching) ones if you want to make them this size. You can also choose to make them smaller if you would rather use only one pipe cleaner each, but we found the smaller size to be a bit tricker especially for little ones. Twist the two pipe cleaners together so that you now have one long one.

Step 2
Begin by shaping the bunny’s round head. You can do this by hand or if you want to use a guide, a large drinking glass or similar is a good base to wrap the pipe cleaner around. You don’t need to wrap all the way around to form a full circle – you just need about 3/4 of a circle for now.

Step 3
Once you have a nice round head, bend the excess pipe cleaner at the circle’s opening into a long bunny ear shape. Repeat this for the second ear.

Step 4
Connect the two ends of the pipe cleaners together, twisting to secure and cutting off any excess pipe cleaner. The bunny’s head should now be closed! Fine tune the shape until you’re happy with it and then repeat! The following bunny heads are much easier to make because you can use your first one as a guide – trying holding it up to the new one as you shape it as a reference.

Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunnies Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunnies Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunnies Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunnies Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunnies

Happy crafting!