Upcycled Juice Box Dioramas

Juicebox Museums

We love a good diorama and these upcycled juice boxes are our new favorites! We’ve been calling these cuties a juice box museum because they remind us of the specimen boxes you would see artifacts displayed in. Instead of traditional artifacts though, we’re displaying cute treasures, figurines, and toys! This is a great DIY project for kids to work on that gives any little trinkets or odds and ends they’ve collected a nice little home. The finished boxes can be stacked on a shelf and their treasures will be displayed for all to see! Keep reading for the tutorial below.

Juicebox Museums

what you need:

Juicebox Museums
  • Empty juice boxes
  • Apple Barrel Acrylic Craft Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Felt
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Little toys, treasures, or figurines


Juicebox Museums
Step 1
Use a craft knife to carefully cut out the front of an empty juice box. You can draw the shape you would like to cut out first, like scallops, zig zags, or whatever you like. Once the opening is cut, make sure to rinse out the inside of the juice box to make sure it’s clean, dry, and free from any sticky juice residue.
>Juicebox Museums
Step 2
Apply a coat of paint onto the outside of each juice box and let dry completely. If using paler colors, it helps to first apply a coat of white paint as a sort of primer to help the colors pop even more!
Juicebox Museums
Step 3
Cut a piece of felt the same size as the back of the juice box. Alternatively, you can instead cut a piece of cardstock to size and paint a pattern or background onto it. Solid shades of felt really help your treasures stand out, but if you want them in a specific setting then paint away!
Juicebox Museums
Step 4
Use glue to secure your felt (or painted cardstock if you chose to do so) backgrounds into the juice boxes. Let dry so that the felt is securely attached to the juice box.
Juicebox Museums
Step 5
Gather your treasures, toys, figurines, or whatever you would like to arrange inside your juice box dioramas. Make sure that they’re small enough to fit inside! Play around with what placement you like best and when you are happy with it, use white glue to secure in place. Let the juice boxes dry flat on the table to make sure that the treasures stay in place and don’t slide around until dried completely.
Juicebox Museums
Happy crafting!!

Photography by Camilla Brenchley