Make Lunch Fun with Ladybug Spots

Make Lunch Fun with Ladybug Spots

Everyone loves a good sandwich, there is no denying it! They’re an easy lunch to make to feed a family, or even a crowd, because it’s so simple to swap in different ingredients so that everyone has their very favorite combination of flavors. Today we’re putting a silly spin on the sandwich that is sure to brighten everyone’s day: ladybug spots! We love olives in our house, so it was a no-brainer to use them as decoration on top of our sandwiches instead of just hidden inside. If your kids aren’t big on olives, you can use this same technique to make polka-dotted sandwiches instead and use whatever veggie they prefer, like carrots or radishes. Keep reading for some helpful hints below!

what you need:

  • Sandwich
  • Black olives
  • Plastic straw
  • Mayonaisse (optional)


  1. Make your sandwich as you normally would! Because black olives are what we will be using for the ladybug spots, we suggest making a savory sandwich over something sweeter like peanut butter and jelly. That would be a funny combination of flavors if you ask us! We used dinner rolls to make our sandwiches, but if you use sliced bread you’ll have an even easier time.
  2. Remove a few black olives from the jar and set them onto a cutting board or plate. Use a clean plastic drinking straw to press down onto the black olive, the same way you would use a cookie-cutter. If the olive circle gets stuck inside the straw, just give the straw a gently squeeze above the olive and it should pop right out. Repeat this until you have as many olive circles as you need. About 10 spots are good for an average-sized sandwich.
  3. Arrange the black olive ladybug spots on top of the sandwich! As we mentioned earlier, if you’re using regular sliced bread, the spots should sit nicely on top without rolling around too much. If you’re using a bun or roll, we suggest using a little bit of mayonnaise (or mustard or similar!) as an edible glue that will help keep the dots in place with rolling right off.

Your ladybug spotted sandwiches are ready to eat!

Make Lunch Fun with Ladybug Spots
And make sure to save the cut-offs from the olives for another recipe, or simply snack on them as you go!