Edible Camera Treats

Edible Camera Treats

Toys seem to get cuter and CUTER, and often make me wish I had a small child again! Between now and grandkids, I will have to live vicariously through friends with little ones. I have been eyeing the various wooden toys available these days, and there are some adorable cameras out there! I have always wanted to make these treats inspired by the toy version, and we decided to share them in honor of National Photography Day, which is August 19, if you’re planning to participate. Photographers across the world are encouraged to share a single photo, and with smartphones in our pockets, I think it’s safe to say we are all photographers! Make the day extra special with these camera sweets, and search the internet for some fun photo ideas to get kids involved. Sometimes they take some unexpected shots from a really amazing perspective!

Edible Camera Treats

If you’re looking for some more fun ways to celebrate National Photography Day, you will definitely want to make these macaroni box cameras! And check out these heirloom wooden camera toys, too – so cute!

Edible Camera Treats

what you need:

Edible Camera Treats
  • Graham crackers
  • Sharp knife
  • White and colored frosting
  • Butter knife
  • 1 5/16” x 3” inch wafer cookies
  • #8B metal decorating tip (1 5/16” base)
  • Pez candy
  • Warheads cubes


Edible Camera Treats
Step 1
Cut your graham cracker to just under 3 ½” x 2 ¼” inches, by sawing on the scored line with a sharp knife.

Edible Camera Treats
Step 2
Frost just over half of the bottom of the graham cracker in the color of your choice, and the top section in white.

Edible Camera Treats
Step 3
Use the wide end of your metal frosting tip to cut two circles into your wafer cookie. We had this spiky star tip on hand, but it works if you place a hard, flat item on top before pressing down into the cookie. If you have a flat frosting tip, that is probably best! Place a small dab of frosting in the center of one circle, and place the second wafer circle directly on top. Place the circle stack just slightly lower than the center of your frosted graham cracker.

Edible Camera Treats
Step 4
Place a Pez candy in the upper left corner of the graham cracker, and a Warheads cube in the upper right, slightly hanging off the edge.

Edible Camera TreatsYour edible cameras are ready for National Photography Day! Edible Camera TreatsEdible Camera TreatsEdible Camera TreatsEdible Camera Treats

Happy snack crafting!