Pasta Gift Toppers

Pasta Gift Toppers

Happy farfalle-days? It’s beginning to look a lot like pasta? Deck the halls with pasta noodles? I’m sure there must be a better pasta pun for Christmas, but I just can’t seem to come up with it! Farfalle noodles are the perfect little bows, and you can find some really fun variations of them in the pasta aisle, especially at specialty stores. Jumbo ones, different edges, fun colors, and even patterns, these farfalle noodles are gift topper ready. I did end up painting a few traditional yellow-colored noodles to mix it up a little but you almost don’t even need to! These quick little bows are a playful gift topper for smaller gifts, party favors, gift card boxes, envelopes, or for any gift you’re giving to a chef or foodie. And if you do end up using paint to add some color to your farfalle, your kids will love helping out with this step.

Pasta Gift Toppers

what you need:

  • Pasta noodles (various forms of farfalle)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue
  • Gift box or bag


Step 1
Apply paint to your pasta noodles, if desired. I painted some and left others unpainted since they were already such fun colors. You could even apply glitter (if you dare!) or use the food coloring and vinegar method to dye the noodles instead. It’s completely up to you! If painting the noodles, set them aside to dry completely.

Step 2
Wrap your gifts – in this case, I used small paper gift bags. Smaller boxes or bags are ideal so that they match the size of the pasta bows, but you could also stick the pasta bow onto an envelope if your gift is a larger one.

Step 3
Use hot glue to attach the noodle to the gift. Voila!

Pasta Gift ToppersPasta Gift ToppersPasta Gift ToppersPasta Gift ToppersPasta Gift ToppersPasta Gift Toppers

Happy crafting!