The Magic of Wooden Blocks

For all the advancements in technology, there is still no replacement for the magic contained in a set of wooden blocks. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright credited his legendary works to a simple set of wooden blocks he played with as a child. Known as Froebel gifts, the ultra-minimal sets of blocks challenge the child to use their imagination to create something new using only the most basic of shapes.

Everyone has their favorites, often handed down for generations. Maybe it’s a box of blocks carefully cut by a grandfather or uncle in their garage workshop. In our house, it’s a box of vintage Creative Playthings blocks we picked up on eBay years ago.

golo wooden puzzle

available here for $16

I know that I’ve mentioned these wooden blocks by Golo before, but they’re certainly worth mentioning again. Get them while they last, they don’t stay in stock for long!

helsinki wooden blocks

Helsinki Made of Wood
available here for $44

The Helsinki Made of Wood block set by Kokoro & Moi lets you build your own miniature version of Helsinki. The set is super fun and colorful, though the shapes are somewhat limited.

facemakers by miller goodman facemakers by miller goodman

FaceMaker by Miller Goodman
available here for $50

A modern retake of the classic face-making blocks.  Will you be a cowboy or a princess? With thousands of potential unique faces to be made, the choice is yours!

What are some of your family’s favorite classic toys? Please share!