Recycled Bread Tag Rainbow Art

Recycled Bread Tag Rainbow Art

I’ve started to save all bread tags and recyclable lids, even if I don’t have a craft in mind for them just yet. They always end up coming in handy! Today I used a whole bunch of old bread tags (and a few milk carton lids) to make these simple rainbows! The colors of bread tags are perfect for mixing and matching to make slightly untraditional rainbows, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have quite enough of the “right” colors.

Originally I had thought I would also make four-leaf clovers for St Patrick’s Day using green bread tags, but oddly enough I only had three green bread tags in my whole collection, so I stuck with these rainbows instead. If you have more green bread tags than I did, I think clovers would be a really fun shape to make too! Or even use yellow tags to make a horseshoe and you’ll have a handful of homemade good luck charms for St Patrick’s Day.

And if you’re looking for more bread tag inspiration, you have to check out The Bread Tag Project on Instagram – so so many clever ideas and beautiful art pieces.

Recycled Bread Tag Rainbow Art

what you need:

  • Bread tags
  • Small white lids
  • Cardboard
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • White glue


Step 1
Start with a larger piece of cardboard than you think you’ll need – if you cut it too small to start with, it can be tricky to arrange the bread tags in a nice arch shape.
Step 2
Sort your bread tags by color. No need to go with a traditional rainbow color scheme here – I mixed it up a bit to use the colors of bread tags I had available.
Step 3
Arrange the bread tags into an arch shape on the cardboard, like a rainbow! Use a pencil to make guidelines for younger kids to follow, if you like.
Step 4
Place white bread tags, or small white lids (like those from milk or juice cartons) at the base of the rainbow to look like a cloud.
Step 5
Use white glue to secure each of the bread tags and lids in place. Set aside to dry completely.
  • You can choose to paint the cardboard blue first if you want a blue sky background!
  • If you don’t have enough bread tags collected to make a rainbow, use other bits and bobs from the recycling bin (lids, bottle caps, cut up pieces of cardboard, etc) or even odds and ends (like pom poms, beads, etc) from your craft stash.
  • Make these even more suited for St Patrick’s Day by adding in some other shapes too – a four-leaf clover (made from green bread tags or lids) or even a horseshoe (made of yellow bread tags or silver/gold pop tabs) would be a fun spin too!
Recycled Bread Tag Rainbow ArtRecycled Bread Tag Rainbow Art

Happy crafting!