Maker Ribbons Inspired by To Make

Today we’re so pleased to be sharing a craft all about the creative process, inspired by the amazing new book To Make, words by Danielle Davis, and pictures by Mags DeRoma!

This maker ribbon craft is open-ended and encourages kids (and adults!) to create a customized ribbon that shows their favorite way to create.

You’re invited to make, wear, or hang this maker ribbon that helps you identify as a maker. Because you are a maker!

It also embodies the steps of any creative process:

gather, make, wait.

You can create a ribbon with one of the themes from the book: garden, story, cake!

Or you can create one with whatever elements you choose to reflect the wonderful things you like to make.

Material possibilities:

For the ribbon: You could use cardstock, wood slices, cupcake liners, or paper as a circle base for your ribbon. Use glue to attach one or two ribbons to the back and cut triangles in the bottom of the ribbon(s).

For the decorations: You might choose alphabet beads, pom poms, streamers, paper, pipe cleaners, sponge (cake), sequins, beans, glitter, flowers, stickers, toothpicks, markers, paint, felt, foil, letters, bits and bobs, more! You can use a glue like Tacky Glue to stick them on.

For a way to hang your ribbon: You will need a glue gun for this one! Attach a looped piece of yarn or string to the back of the base to create a hanger above the circle.


Step 1

your materials. And your ideas! Will your ribbon have a theme with what you like to make? (Cake, story, garden, painting, poems, knitting, art, writing, building, science, cooking, dance, technology, etc.) Will it show the steps of making: gather, make, wait?

Step 2

your ribbon by choosing, creating, arranging, and gluing your maker-inspired decorations and elements on your ribbon base.

Step 3

for the glue to dry or for a time to wear or share your ribbon!

Pick up your copy of To Make now anywhere books are sold, like from your local, independent bookstore or via Indiebound!

Maker ribbons crafted and photographed by Abby Hunter.