DIY Cupcake Frosting Color Chart

diy frosting colors

The May issue of Food Network Magazine has one of the coolest features ever inside: a cupcake icing color chart! The chart shows you how to make lovely pastel frosting shades in every color using a basic food coloring kit (red, yellow, blue, and green).

diy frosting colors

The magazine also includes a recipe for white frosting to use as a base for the colors and a vanilla cupcake recipe. Want to make the colors pop even more? Make the frosting metallic using luster dust, a non-toxic edible powder.

For those who missed out when the issue hit the newsstands, Food Network posted the frosting color recipes on their website.

cupcake frosting guide

Need help adding texture to your colorful new treats? Check out the handy Cupcake Frosting Guide and Video from Anna and Blue Paperie.

Be sure to let me know how your new & improved cupcakes turn out!