Activities that High Five the Senses

Colorful Counting Beans

I am always looking for new ways to expand my toddler’s imagination beyond the bandwidth of our wifi, so when I heard that the creator of one of my favorite blogs Fun at Home With Kids had written an entire book dedicated to just that, I literally raised-the-roof with excitement.

Author & mom Asia Citro reached into the marrow of her imagination and pulled out a collection of tangible, screen-free activities to spark the curiosity of every member of the family. Always happy to sing her praises, I was doubly excited when she asked me to be a part of the project.

Fizzing Volcano Environment

With the flip of a page, 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids takes you from a land of dinosaurs and volcanic eruptions to the top of a technicolor ice tower laden with treasure. It’s filled with things that ooze, gooze, fizz, whizz and do things that you truly have to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell to believe. Here are a few favorites that have my entire crew captivated:

Magical foaming stars

You don’t have to wait for a cloudless night to stargaze with this magic foam star recipe. Rainbows of color shoot across a soapy sky as stars froth and foam before your eyes. The more you move them, the more interesting the patterns they create.

Colorful Salt Castle

Move over sand, salt castles are swiping up prime real estate around our house. Not only do kids get to construct these super cool salt sculptures, but as soon as color’s added, they become kings and queens of their own kaleidoscope kingdoms.

Polka-Dot Soup

And once they’ve taken throne, fill the moat with polka dot soup! The whirling and swirling of colorful dots make this activity as simple as it is spellbinding.

Treasure-filled Ice Tower
In her usual style, Asia makes sure to show that water can be fun in all its forms. This rainbow ice tower lets kids conduct their own excavation. As the tower melts, it reveals hidden treasures, keeping little explorers digging and discovering for days.

Scented Edible Paint

We love that this scented homemade edible paint appeals to sight, smell, taste, AND touch. Combined with the ooh’s and ahh’s of everybody in the room, this one’s got all the senses covered!

Magic Puffing Snow

Finally, we couldn’t leave you without something that celebrates the most wonderful time of the year. Magic puffing snow lets you host your very own, never-ending snow day. We don’t get much of the white stuff down here in Georgia, so this one’s got us extra excited!

Asia Citro's New Book of 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids

To learn more about Asia’s family-friendly doughs and dyes, slushes and slimes, and to get an all-access pass to 75+ never-before-seen projects, purchase her book here!