April Fool’s Day Posters

April Fool’s Day can be a lot of fun and the perfect excuse to make some silly jokes. With Easter falling so early this year, I figured I couldn’t be the only one looking for really simple April Fool’s ideas that don’t take too much time or effort away from Easter the next day. If I remember correctly, wasn’t it just a couple of years ago that Easter and April Fool’s Day were on the same day? These silly posters are a fun way to put smiles on faces with almost no effort! You can download and print these exact posters or use them as a jumping-off point and create your own custom posters instead.

I think these would be fun to tape up around the house as a joke, but you could definitely put them up in a public place too! I’m thinking I’ll put these ones on the community bulletin board in my neighborhood and hopefully, it makes a few people chuckle. Bulletin boards in grocery stores or telephone poles would be perfect options too! If you do end up creating your own custom posters and plan to hang them in public spaces, remember to use fake 555 phone numbers so that strangers don’t get lots of incoming calls reporting a found chocolate chip! I guess you could put a friend’s phone number on one to see how many prank calls they are surprised with, but that might get old pretty quickly and I’m not sure I would wish that on anyone!

There are so many silly ideas you could turn into posters like these, especially if your friends, family, or neighbors have any little inside jokes. If you’ve ever browsed through Facebook Marketplace or Craiglist, you’re sure to have spotted a few odd ads and these can be great inspiration – I’ve seen people selling green potato chips (I hope this was a joke!) and other people looking to buy old toy Furbies, broken or working. Maybe you could make a poster pretending to be someone looking to buy ice cubes to add to their collection? Or maybe there is a lawn care specialist who frowns upon lawnmowers and uses scissors to cut every blade of grass by hand?

The options are endless! If you’re looking for some ready-to-use posters, here are the printable versions of the ones featured in these photos:

Happy April Fool’s Day!