Make Back To School Better with The Kissing Hand’s New Video Series

It’s officially back-to-school season and we’re over the moon to be teaming up with The Jim Henson Company on a whole series of videos perfect for kids and parents getting into the school routine. In case you’re not already familiar, meet Chester and Mrs. Raccoon from everyone’s favorite book The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn!

Over the next week, we’ll be sharing four videos all featuring our friends Chester and Mrs. Raccoon and how they’ve been getting ready for Chester’s first day at school. Each video will focus on a unique tip or trick, and share helpful advice and insights on how to help your little one prepare for their first day at school. We love these tips and suggestions not only for the first day of school but also for all kids returning to school after summer break, or for any big change in the routine of your kids’ daily lives. Changes and new things can be hard, but we’re so excited to have Mrs. Raccoon here and sharing these helpful hints to send your kids off with joy in their hearts, the confidence to stand tall, and that love that is felt all day long.

This first video is all about listening and helping your kids reflect on their feelings about school. We know you and your kids will love Chester and Mrs. Raccoon as much as we do, so grab a seat, get comfy, and enjoy!

The Jim Henson Company worked alongside Sleepy Planet Parenting to come up with the tips that were transformed into these playful videos! Here’s today’s tip one more time:

Listen and Empathize:  First, before we can make any traction on helping the child with tools for coping with big feelings, we need to truly LISTEN to his or her feelings. Put the phone down, full attention on child and kneel down to her on her level, making eye contact and with genuine empathy – let, your child know her feelings are very normal and understandable.

And stay tuned – next week we’ll be sharing another video along with a fun printable activity to work on with your kids!

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