Basket Weaving 101

No Sew Rope Coil Basket, tutorial via Alice & Lois

Basket Weaving 101 was the butt of every college major joke when I went to school, what about you? Turns out, though, I think we would have all really enjoyed a little basket weaving instruction. Especially if it meant a break from some of the harder stuff!

You can still learn to make a basket, and it’s right on trend too – handmade baskets are a beautiful way to bring that natural element into your home. Choose from the less-taxing hot glue and rope approach, or go full-on basket weaver with a traditional wicker basket. Plus, some options in between. They’ll all turn out just beautifully.

Kilim-Inspired Painted Basket

DIY Kilim-inspired Painted basket, tutorial via DIY Candy

Tutorial via DIY Candy

These bright colors would be great in a kids room, or choose a more subtle palette for your main living area – we can always use the extra storage, am I right?

Tobacco Basket

DIY Tobacco Basket, tutorial via Craftberry Bush

Tutorial via Craftberry Bush

It took me a minute to realize this basket wasn’t an old flea market find! Seriously, it’s made with all new materials, and the result is pretty epic!

Clay Rope Pot

DIY Clay Rope Pot, tutorial via Fall for DIY

Tutorial via Fall for DIY

This combination makes the basket feel so modern – and it doesn’t require anything fancy, just regular old air dry clay. I might start making one of these with my daughter after school!

Wire Basket

DIY Wire Basket, tutorial via The Art Of Doing Stuff

Tutorial via The Art Of Doing Stuff

Finally, a basket I could use for recycling that actually looks good enough to sit outside of the cabinet. The only thing I’d change? Adding some staple gun action to the base, not just hot glue.

Wicker Basket

DIY Wicker Basket, tutorial via Jon’s Bushcraft

Tutorial via Jon’s Bushcraft

This is the real deal right here. Gather up your Bramble stems and get ready to learn. This tutorial looks perfectly thorough.

Pictured at the top of this post: No Sew Rope Coil Basket, tutorial via Alice & Lois.