Bite-Size Marshmallow Monsters

Marshmallow Monster

Do you remember that old Halloween song The Monster Mash? I remember learning it in grade school and wondering just what would have gone on at said “Mash.” There definitely would have been dancing monsters. That’s a given. Probably a little screaming and wailing as well.

One thing I’m certain of: they had a table full of these Bite-Size Marshmallow Monsters to munch on. Monsters don’t seem like the type to shrink away from edible replicas of themselves. These chocolaty morsels are stuffed with smooth, colorful frosting gums and fluffy marshmallow teeth for a “BITE” sized snack!

Thanks to HERSHEY’S snack-sized chocolate bars, these little treats are the perfect size for one person.

What You Need

Marshmallow Monster

Makes 8 Marshmallow Monsters

  • 16 snack-sized HERSHEY’S Chocolate Bars
  • ½ cup HERSHEY’S Dark Chocolate Chips, melted
  • Frosting, dyed color of your choice
  • Piping bag with tip
  • 40-48 mini marshmallows
  • 16 candy eyes
  • Parchment paper
  • Baking sheet

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How To

Marshmallow Monster

Step 1
Line your baking sheet with parchment paper. Unwrap your HERSHEY’S chocolate bars. Dip one long side of a HERSHEY’S bar in the melted chocolate.

Lay the chocolate dipped side against the long side of another HERSHEY’S bar and set the two bars together on your parchment lined baking sheet like a tent.

Marshmallow Monster

Step 2
Spread more melted chocolate along the peak of the chocolate “tent” to help seal the chocolate together. Repeat this process with the remaining chocolate bars and melted chocolate. NOTE: Make sure that the tents are open wide enough to fit mini marshmallow on the inside.

Place the baking sheet of chocolate “tents” in the freezer and freeze until the chocolate has firmed up completely. Alternatively, you can leave the chocolate out at room temperature to set, if you have the time.

Marshmallow Monster

Step 3
Lay the chocolate tents on their sides, like an open mouth. Fill a piping bag fitted with any fun tip that you like with frosting. Pipe the frosting all over the inside of the chocolate mouth.

Marshmallow Monster

Step 4
Placed the mini marshmallows in a row inside of the chocolate mouth, pressing into the frosting. You should be able to fit about 5 to 6 marshmallows.

Marshmallow Monster

Step 5
Dip the backs of the candy eyes in frosting and place two of them on top of the chocolate mouth, spaced about 1 to 1 ½ inches apart. Repeat with the remaining chocolate mouths.

Marshmallow Monster


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