Throw a Craft Party with the Oh Happy Day Shop

Have you ever thrown a crafting party before? It’s a great way to get your friends together and relax while getting creative and making something really fun! Perfect for kids’ birthdays, ladies’ night in, or a rainy afternoon, we love putting a little extra thought behind a craft to make it really special. The Oh Happy Day Party Shop has the most amazing selection of both party and craft supplies so today we’re sharing some of our ultimate favorite pieces for throwing a craft party all your own.


a. prism napkins b. neon cake stand (small) c. triangle party plates d. carnival party cups e. pastel plates

Set your table with these super fun paper plates, cups, and napkins! Of course these are all perfect for serving snacks and appetizers, but you can also use them to sort and display craft supplies on your work area. Plates and cups are perfect for holding glitter, pipe cleaners, paint brushes, and stickers, and you’ll be so glad to have these adorable napkins for wiping up any crafty messes.


f. rainbow paint pot and brush favors g. stickers roll h. neon cord i. silhouette scissors j. yellow parcel tags

The Oh Happy Day Shop also has some beautifully designed craft supplies! We’ve selected a few of our favorites here, but there’s bound to be the perfect set of colorful materials for whatever theme you set for your craft party. These scissors, tags, and cord are just what you need for labelling your materials and the finished crafts to avoid mix-ups. If your craft involves painting, these rainbow paint pots are just the thing, or use them instead as party favors for your guests.


k. honeycomb puff (dusty rose) l. mini neon charm garland m. honeycomb mini balls (light blue) n. tissue paper fan (striped, yellow) o. paper linen tablecloths (moire, light pink)

And would it even be a party if there weren’t any decorations? We’ve selected a few fun honeycomb options, but you really have to take a look at them all yourself – there are TONS of sizes, colors, and shapes to choose from. This neon charm garland is a simple way to tie together all the colors of our tableware and supplies, and of course don’t forget you keep your tables clean and covered with a paper tablecloth!

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