How to Customize Your Record Player with Mod Podge

In case you didn’t already know, May is Mod Podge Month! Today we gave a colorful decoupage makeover to our portable record player! Although they are available in a few colors, we wanted to put a completely custom spin on it with this awesome Lotta Jansdotter fabric.

We loved using Mod Podge with fabric on this project because the fabric is so forgiving. The pattern hides almost any little mistakes, and the cloth was a breeze to bend and cover all sides of the record player without worrying about any creases. Give your record player a brand new look – just scroll down to see all our tips and tricks!

what you need:

what you need:

Step 1
Begin by applying a coat of Mod Podge to the top center area of the record player.

Step 2
Cut a piece of fabric that overhangs all sides (we were extra careful and let the fabric touch the table on each side) and place onto the top. Smooth the fabric down so that it adheres to the Mod Podge.

Step 3
Use scissors on the corner to cut a little hole where the metal corner hardware is.

Step 4
Slowly and carefully cut more of the fabric away so that it lines up with the corner hardware. You’ll also need to cut a snip up one side of the fabric so that you can neatly finish off the corner – we folded the top edge under so that it wasn’t just a raw edge. Attach and seal everything with Mod Podge.

Step 5
Once all the corners on the top are in place, fold the excess fabric in to cover the inside edge as well. Work one side at a time, folding the edge over for a tidier look. You will have had to make some cuts along the lid for the hinges, so bring that excess in as well and cover as much as you can, adding additional pieces of fabric to cover any exposed areas.

Step 6
When you’ve finished covering the top, it should look something like this!

Step 7
Covering the bottom is very much the same, but there are a few more pieces of hardware to work around, including the rubber legs on the bottom. Begin by applying a coat of Mod Podge to the bottom of the record player. Adhere the fabric on (again cutting a piece that has lots of excess on each side) and then cut little snips in the fabric where the legs want to poke out. Cut the snips into circles that fit nicely around the legs.

Step 8
Continue Mod Podging, cutting, and wrapping fabric in the same way you did the top. There are a few more things to work around like the closure clips, speakers, plug, etc. so take your time cutting around these to make sure you get the cleanest look you can. And if you make a little mistake (we did!) don’t worry! Just cut another piece of fabric to patch up the area. The patterned fabric does a good job camouflaging any patches, so don’t be too concerned! Let everything dry, keeping the lid open so that it doesn’t get sealed shut.

Happy crafting!

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