DIY Bird Feeder Play Set

DIY Bird Feeder Play Set

Make a super cute bird feeder play set with adorable felt birds! Your little one will fall in love with the colorful bird feeder and the tiny bowls for water and seeds. All you need are a few empty paper rolls, recycled straws, felt, and small clothespins.

DIY Bird Feeder Play Set DIY Bird Feeder Play Set DIY Bird Feeder Play Set

This is an easy family craft activity and a fun game to play. Take care and feed your little birds to make them fly!

What You Need

DIY Bird Feeder Play Set
  • Printable templates (download here)
  • Toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls)
  • Plastic straws
  • Cereal box or any cardboard
  • Plastic bottle caps
  • Felt
  • Small clothespins
  • Wrapping paper
  • Mini pompoms (optional)
  • Glue / hot glue gun/ double-sided tape
  • Pencil
  • Marker
  • Scissors


DIY Bird Feeder Play Set

Step 1
Join two toilet paper rolls: cut the top edge on one paper roll to fit inside the other one and glue together) or use just one towel paper roll. Wrap it with a lovely gift paper… or paint it!

DIY Bird Feeder Play Set

Step 2
Let’s make a base for our feeder! Cut out a 4¼ inches circle of cardboard glued to felt.

  • Place the wrapped paper roll centered onto the cardboard circle and glue them together.
  • Pierce paper rolls using scissors and put a plastic straw through so that your little birds have somewhere to land.

Be careful and don’t make holes too big, if so, use some glue to fix straws. I used three straws but add many you want.

DIY Bird Feeder Play Set

Step 3
Take some felt and cut it into the size of your bottle caps.

Pierce paper roll and put a Popsicle stick through. Center and glue a small bottle cup on each end. 
Glue a big bottle cap on top of the paper roll.
Fill of water (tiny blue paper pieces) and seeds (mini pompoms or yellow paper pieces) your birdfeeder.

DIY Bird Feeder Play Set

Step 4
Now, make your little birds! Download and print template. Cut out shapes from felt. Glue wing and beak to the body. Paint its eye.

Use glue or double sided tape to add a clothespin at the back of the bird. I used some 1.5 inches clothespins; make sure they stick out of bird bottoms.

DIY Bird Feeder Play Set

Step 5
Now let’s play! Fly birds, make them land and clip them to straws to rest. Feed and water them well to keep them coming back :-)

DIY Bird Feeder Play Set

Hope you enjoy crafting and playing!


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