DIY Cork Bumblebee Mobile

DIY Bumblebee Mobile

Let’s make an eco-conscious project to celebrate bees! This fun activity helps kids learn about the importance of bees, to love and protect them. The mobile is very cute and easy to make, and you’ll enjoy watching the bees fly.

DIY Bumblebee Mobile DIY Bumblebee Mobile

You can start by checking here or here to learn about bees’ favorite wildflowers and plants, and then choose whichever plants you prefer to use from your garden or other outside source. Lavender, mint, and thyme are great smelling options, or you can pick any wildflower you prefer. I picked some beautiful purple cornflowers.

DIY Bumblebee Mobile

What You Need

  • Wine corks
  • Black and yellow paint
  • Plastic string
  • Round push board pins / map tacks
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fishing line
  • Cord
  • Garden Plants for Bees

Step 1

DIY Bumblebee Mobile

Paint one of the wine corks yellow. After it has dried, paint two black stripes around the cork. Stick one red pushpin into the cork top for the nose and then two for the eyes.

Step 2

DIY Bumblebee Mobile

Fold an 8 inch piece of plastic lace string, and then bend and glue the strings centered on top of the bee’s body to make the wings.

Step 3

DIY Bumblebee Mobile

Take your wild plants, bend and intertwine branches to make a circle. String to fix ends.

Step 4

DIY Bumblebee Mobile

Divide the plant circle into three parts and tie one strand of fishing line to each point. Leave one of them long enough to hang the mobile.

Step 5

DIY Bumblebee Mobile

Tie a strand of fishing line to each cork bee.

Step 6

DIY Bumblebee Mobile

Now let’s add our bees to the plants! Hang the plant circle from the ceiling and tie all the fishing line with the bees. I prefer having the bees at random heights.

DIY Bumblebee Mobile

That’s it, enjoy your new mobile!


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