6 DIY Feather Projects

6 Amazing DIY Feather Projects

Feathers are everywhere! I’ve seen them in print and pattern and in decor, such as a wreath on the door. I love every one of them because feathers add a lightness to whatever they touch. It reminds us all we can float through the day, letting those little problems fall to the ground.

There are lots of things you can make with real feathers—and one of these days I’m sure I’ll share some of those projects too. But today I wanted to look into a mysterious DIY trend: making your own feathers. This way you’re not tied to the random selection available at your local craft store (thank goodness) and can customize your feather experience. Take a peek at these, and I hope you’re floating through your day!

DIY String Feathers

Handmade String Feathers
via Infarrantly Creative

These feathers start out as a piece of wire and a pile of string, which together create a feather as close to the real thing as I’ve seen in the crafty world. What a beautiful result.

DIY Clay Feathers

DIY Clay Feathers
via 100 Layer Cake

It’s a little counter intuitive, but these feathers have a luxe quality that I find so appealing. Even if they’ll never float away, they’ll still gild your decor very nicely.

DIY Paper Plate Feather Garland

DIY Paper Plate Feather Garland
via A Fabulous Fete

Using paper plates gives your feathers more staying power: the thicker paper is easier to work with too.

DIY Paper Scrap Light

DIY Paper Scrap Light
via Design*Sponge

It’s no surprise that such a gorgeous blog has such an amazing light DIY. My only question, how does one dust the dang thing?

Feather Gift Tags Printable Template

Feather Gift Tags Printable Template
via Love vs. Design

Even if you don’t want to get ready for Christmas early (one holiday at a time, that’s my motto!), you can use the text-free gift tags for any gift-giving occasion.

DIY Prairie Feather Necklace

DIY Prairie Feather Necklace
via A Bit of Sunshine

These feather pendants are easy to make and super sweet.