DIY Froggy Cake

DIY Frog Cake

Hippity hop, this little green froggy cake is so simple and cute for a amphibious birthday party! Or, go wild with a frog themed party which includes fried frog legs and dip, gummy froggy candies, green hued bubbly sodas with stripey straws, and this adorable cake!

What You’ll Need

  • 1 baked and cooled cake
  • 2 cups of vanilla buttercream, tinted green using gel food colouring
  • White craft paper
  • Pink craft paper
  • Black craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick
  • 2 wooden BBQ skewers
  • Tape
  • A tiny amount of black fondant or a piece of black shoestring licorice


DIY Frog Cake

Step 1
Cut out two large white circles out of craft paper. I used a 2 inch craft circle punch for even circles. Cut out two black triangle “right angle” shapes for the frog’s happy eyes and glue onto the white circles. Cut out a long strip of pink paper and cut a little v-shape out of it for the frog’s tongue.

DIY Frog Cake

Step 2
Cut one wooden BBQ skewer in two. Adhere the eyes to the sticks with tape, then adhere the pink tongue to the second skewer with tape.

DIY Frog Cake

Step 3
Frost your entire cake with the green buttercream using an offset spatula.

DIY Frog Cake

Step 4
Add the eyes to the top of the cake, cake topper style!

DIY Frog Cake

Step 5
Roll a tiny piece of black fondant into a skinny snake-like shape. Place it on top of the cake like a mouth. Add the pink tongue by placing the wooden skewer into the cake underneath the “mouth.”

There you have it! The easiest, happiest green froggy cake ever! Happy cake decorating!


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