DIY Printable Halloween Treat Bags

DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Make the these printable halloween treat bags inspired by vintage designs for all the folks you will be treating this Halloween! Print out as many as you need for your child’s classroom, friends from the neighborhood, or your coworkers’ desks.

DIY Halloween Treat Bags

What You Need

  • Printable Halloween Treat Bag template (download here)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Step 1
Print out the bag design.

Step 2
Cut out the straight sides of the bags.

DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Step 3
Fold side edges and bottom edge. Apply glue to the inside bottom edge. Fold over the left, larger side.

Step 4
Apply glue along long edge. Fold over the right, smaller side.

Step 5
Apply glue to bottom edge and fold up.

DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Step 6
From the backside, cut the curved edge along the template line. From the front, fold the front curved edge to the inside of the bag.

DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Trick or Treat! Pass out the sweets!


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