DIY Kitten Clutches

DIY Kitten Clutches

Looking for a simple sewing craft to do with kids this summer? These felt kitten clutches are purrrfect! Turn leftover felt scraps, spare buttons, and pom poms into a fun afternoon activity. Mix and match supplies to make a collection of rainbow cats!

DIY Kitten Clutches

We’ve included a printable template to make these kitten clutches as simple as possible. Wouldn’t these kittens be a great activity for a birthday party? Have kids assemble their own kitten clutches, and then fill with treats and give out as their party favors!

DIY Kitten Clutches

What You Need

DIY Kitten Clutches
  • Printable cat template (download here)
  • Felt (various colors)
  • Scissors
  • Needles and thread
  • Pom poms
  • Buttons
  • Yarn or string
  • White glue
  • Pins (optional)


DIY Kitten Clutches
  1. Print and cut out the template and cut the front and back out of different colored felt.
  2. Lay the front on top of the back (and pin together). Use scissors to trim the front ears to expose the edge of the back as shown.
  3. Thread the needles and do a blanket stitch (this video is very helpful to see it in action!) around the edge of the kitten face, stopping and starting before the ears. You could do a simple running stitch instead for younger sewers – just go in from the back, up to the front, then back through to the back, and keep repeating.
  4. Using the template as a reference, sew the button nose onto the front layer of the kitten’s face, tying a knot to secure on the inside of the clutch.
  5. Cut a small snip in the felt flap so that the button fits in, as shown.
  6. Again using the template as a reference, sew the two button eyes onto the front felt only, tying the knot inside the clutch. Use glue to stick small pom poms onto the buttons.
  7. Cut yarn or string into short pieces and glue onto the kitten’s cheeks as whiskers.
  8. Do the same for the kitten’s mouth. Let the glue dry completely and then fill your kitten clutch with treasures!
DIY Kitten Clutches DIY Kitten Clutches DIY Kitten Clutches DIY Kitten Clutches

Happy crafting!


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