DIY Laced Cardboard Handbags

DIY Laced Cardboard Handbags

This is a good family project to make recycled cardboard folders to storage children stationery, small books and other tiny paper goodies. 
Kids will have fun drawing, sewing buttons and lacing, and once finished they can play a funny game using envelopes: carrying secret messages, drawings and paper treasures inside those cool folders! 
Hope you have a great time with this easy craft activity : )

DIY Laced Cardboard Handbags

What You Need

  • Recycled cardboard
  • Buttons
Plastic lacing string
  • Marker
Thick embroidery thread (perlé)
  • Needle
  • Punch
  • Scissors

Recycled Cardboard Suitcase

Recycled Cardboard Suitcase

Step 1

DIY Laced Cardboard Handbags

Draw a rectangle (13.8” wide x 9.7” high). Then add on top, and centered, another rectangle of 7”x 2.6” for the handle. It will be 1” wide on both sides and 0.8” wide on top. Cut out two pieces from this suitcase shape.

Step 2

DIY Laced Cardboard Handbags

Take one of the cardboard pieces and draw two pockets. Punch holes for two pocket buttons and also for a big closure button.

Step 3

DIY Laced Cardboard Handbags

Thread a needle and sew buttons. You can make big holes and use unsharpened or plastic needles for kids.

Step 4

DIY Laced Cardboard Handbags

Take the other piece, this will be the back of the suitcase. Punch to holes top centered.

Cut string long enough to reach closure button. Pass it through both holes and tie a knot to make loop.

Step 5

DIY Laced Cardboard Handbags

Take the two cardboard pieces wrong sides together, align and punch holes all around edge leaving the topside without holes.

Using plastic lacing string, start lacing sides together, tying a knot at the first hole and each time you reach the end of the string lace.

Step 6

DIY Laced Cardboard Handbags

Lace all three edges and secure with knots. Take the plastic string loop out, leaving the tied knot inside the suitcase, fasten the big button on top to close.

All done!

Recycled Cardboard Handbag

Recycled Cardboard Handbag Recycled Cardboard Handbag

Repeat steps for making the bag, using a big lid pan and a small tea plate to get the shape.
Draw flowers, sew buttons and add stickers to decor your fancy bag.

Recycled Cardboard Handbag Recycled Cardboard Handbag

Happy crafting!


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