DIY LEGO Batman Mask

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DIY LEGO Batman Mask

Are you as excited as we are for the release of The LEGO Batman Movie this weekend? The bat is back! When we’re super looking forward to something we can’t help but get crafty to keep busy, so of course we had to make our own LEGO Batman masks!

DIY LEGO Batman Mask DIY LEGO Batman Mask

We are big fans of The LEGO Movie – we love laughing together as a family! We’re thrilled to see LEGO Batman featured in his own movie and can’t wait to see what he gets up to this time! It’s definitely a must to see The LEGO Batman Movie in theaters THIS weekend.

What You Need

DIY LEGO Batman Mask
  • Printable mask templates (download template 1 here, template 2 here)
  • Cardboard
  • Black bristol board
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Bone folder
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Hot glue gun (optional)
  • Cutting mat
  • Black duct tape


DIY LEGO Batman Mask
  1. Cut a piece of black bristol board so that it’s 11” tall and 30” across. Mark the center line with pencil, trace the mouth template 1 3/4” up from the bottom edge, and then cut out.
  2. Roll the bristol board into a tube and tape the back shut. Make sure it fits around the wearer’s head comfortably!
  3. Trace the A and B templates onto cardboard and cut out two of each using a craft knife. Fold A along the dotted line, and then tape B to the bottom of A as shown.
  4. Trace D template onto extra black bristol board and cut out. Use a bone folder and a ruler to make several vertical lines down the center of the piece to create the gentle curve shown above – this will be the nose.
DIY LEGO Batman Mask
  1. Arrange the two eye panels on the bristol board keeping them as symmetrical as possible. Use hot glue or tape to secure in place directly above the mouth hole.
  2. Trace piece C onto cardboard and cut two. Then tape them to the top of the eye panels, forming brows.
  3. Temporarily tape the nose between the eye panels – you’ll be removing the nose later. Trim the nose to fit if needed, and then use scissors to cut away the black bristol board under the nose to allow the wearer’s nose to fit comfortably underneath.
  4. Cut a snip down the centerline from the top of the bristol board to the brows. Overlap the two pieces and tape in place to form a sloped forehead.
DIY LEGO Batman Mask
  1. Cut similar snips around the top edge of the back, about 1 1/2” apart, keeping symmetrical as much as possible. For now, just tape the center-back snip closed – we’ll come back to the rest in a minute.
  2. On the front, cut two diagonal snips above the eyebrows and tape to form a gentle slope as shown. Next to each of these, cut curved snips (kind of like upside devil horns). Next cut a strip of black bristol board about 1 1/2” and tape one end to the forehead securely. Pull back gently and then tape to the back, forming what looks almost like a handle across the open top of the mask. Cut off the excess strip and put to the side for later.
  3. Trace E onto black bristol board and cut out two. Slip one into each of the curved snips and tape in place so that the ears are sitting nice and straight.
  4. Next go back to those snips you cut along the back and tape them closed, forming a gentle curve along the whole top of the mask.
DIY LEGO Batman Mask
  1. Trace F onto more black bristol board and cut out two, using a bone folder and ruler to score and fold along the marked line. Tape to the back of each to add depth.
  2. Trace G onto black bristol board and cut two. Tape in place next to the front of the ear as shown.
  3. Tape strips of black bristol board over the top of the mask to cover the rest of the open space.
  4. To add a bit of width onto the mask, I cut two triangles 9” across the base and 8” tall out of bristol board. Fold each down the center and tape to the sides of the mask. Try the mask on the wearer before doing this step – you might find it isn’t necessary depending on how it fits.
  5. Now that the base structure is done (yay!) it’s time to cover the mask! We used black duct tape, but you could use paper mache and paint if you prefer. For the duct tape method, simply apply piece of tape onto the mask. For a super clean look, cut the tape to match the shapes on the mask. For the eyes, cover with tape and then cut snips like eyelashes and fold them inside the mask for a neat edge.
  6. Continue to cover the mask with tape – we removed the nose as mentioned before to cover it nicely, and then used a small dab line of hot glue to secure it back in place neatly. Use nice sharp scissors to speed up the taping process!
DIY LEGO Batman Mask DIY LEGO Batman Mask DIY LEGO Batman Mask

Gather your friends and family to see The LEGO Batman Movie in theaters!

LEGO Batman movie

This post is sponsored by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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