DIY Monster Gift Box

DIY Monster Gift Box

Need a fun and cute packaging idea for Halloween? All you need is a white mailing box and a black marker, and you can whip one up in under 10 minutes.

DIY Monster Gift Box monster eyes

What You Need

  • Printable Monster Eyes template (download here)
  • Marker, black
  • Mailing box about 1.4 inches high
DIY Monster Gift Box

Step 1
I found that the best box to use for this is a plain white mailing box about 1.4 inches high.

DIY Monster Gift Box

Step 2
Use the black marker to draw the teeth onto the the sides and the front of the lid and inside the sides of the bottom part.

Step 3
Download and print the monster-eyes template. Cut out the eyes. ( I made a boy and a girl version.)

Step 4
Glue the eyes onto the lid.

DIY Monster Gift Box

That’s it. You’re done! Fill with a gift, maybe even pizza, and give to one lucky birthday boy or girl!


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