Paint The Perfect Polka Dot

FolkArt Paint DIY Polka Dot Overalls

These perfectly polka dotted overalls are just the beginning of a big idea we have been brewing up over here at Handmade Charlotte headquarters. I wasn’t going to share the news so soon, but who could keep this silly business under wraps. Beginning next month we are on a mission to cover the entire world in dots, blots, specks and spots!

So clap your hands, wiggle your toes, close your eyes and make a wish because Freckle Lab is on its way! The universe will never be the same. Look forward to seeing dots on a variety of super spotty DIY’s in the very near future.

Plaid FolkArt Paint DIY Polka Dot Overalls

To warm you up for the big event, we want to give you a crash course in how to paint a polka dot perfectly every time using FolkArt® Multi-Surface wonder paint. You’ll have a few weeks to practice this easy-as-pie technique on a pair of overalls or just about any other piece of clothing you feel like freckling.

What You Need

Plaid FolkArt Paint Spouncers DIY Polka Dots

Tips for the Perfect Polk Dot

Plaid FolkArt Paint Polka Dot DIY Overalls

Dip your spouncer in the paint, covering evenly, and dab on a scrap piece of paper to remove the excess paint.

Next place the spouncer on your overalls and gently press the sponge against the fabric in a circular motion to make sure you have created a perfect circle. Remove the spouncer, and BOOM! You’ve got a perfect polka dot. Now repeat until you feel sufficiently freckled.

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