DIY Painted Glasses

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DIY Painted Glassware

Let your optimism shine with these hand painted glasses! We’re betting you’ll never see a glass as half-empty again with these in your kitchen cupboards. It’s super easy to make your very own custom glassware with Folk Art’s Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint – just print out whatever message you like, tape it inside the glass, and trace the lines with a fine paintbrush! We went super simple with this all-caps typeface, but you could find something a bit fancier if you wanted like brush calligraphy.

DIY Painted Glassware

If you’re making this craft with little ones, you could even let them freestyle the message if tracing is beyond their current skill set. However you end up painting these glasses, we’re positive they’ll put a smile on your face whenever you drink out of them. How could they not?? Keep reading to see the full instructions along with tips & tricks below.

DIY Painted Glassware

what you need:

DIY Painted Glassware


DIY Painted Glassware

Step 1
Begin by printing out “HALF FULL” on a sheet of paper – you’ll need to adjust this to the size of your glass so that the text take up about half the height of the glass. Trim the paper as needed to fit inside the glass and tape in place, keeping everything as even and level as possible. Now’s the time to clean the outside of the glass with alcohol, before you start painting.

DIY Painted Glassware

Step 2
Time to get painting! You’ll want to use a fine-tip brush for this so that you can follow the lines with ease. Paint one letter at a time, turning the glass as you work so that you’re looking straight through at the template. Be careful not to smudge the previously painted letters as you go! One coat should be enough to get a good solid message and once you’re done remove the paper and let the paint dry for 1 hour. Following the instructions on the paint bottle, put the glass into the cool oven, heat to 350 F, and bake for 30 mins. Turn the oven off and let the glass cool inside, and then remove. Glasses are top-rack dishwasher safe.

DIY Painted Glassware DIY Painted Glassware DIY Painted Glassware

Aren’t they super fun? These would be an awesome DIY gift for a friend or teacher who is a ray of sunshine in your life.

DIY Painted Glassware DIY Painted Glassware

Happy crafting!!

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