DIY Picnic Food Covers

DIY Picnic Food Covers

Summer makes me want to spend more time al fresco—relaxing, reading, and having picnics! Yet as much as I enjoy nature, I don’t want it near my food. Who does?

DIY Picnic Food Covers

These quick-and-easy food protectors, made with upcycled fruit bags and cereal boxes, are a fun way to keep those pesky insects away and ensure happy, swat-free eating.

DIY Picnic Food Covers DIY Picnic Food Covers

What You Need

  • Tulle or any fruit net bag
  • Cereal box
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Paper (colored or plain) or fabric
  • Glitter, pompoms, yarn, washi tape, stickers, ribbons, or other embellishments


DIY Picnic Food Protectors

Step 1
Use a plate to get the measurements you need for your food cover. Add 1 inch to the width and cut out a piece of cereal box using those dimensions. (I used two glued pieces for the larger floral plate.)

DIY Picnic Food Protectors

Step 2
Roll the box piece and glue its ends together. Take a piece of net or tulle and cut a circle that is a half inch wider than the box piece and glue the edges to the cardboard.

DIY Picnic Food Protectors DIY Picnic Food Covers

Step 3
Now it’s time to decorate the food protector to match the mood of the event you’re taking it to. Cover the roll with cute paper or fabric and decorate with washi tape, stickers, or ribbons. Or use white plain paper and paint it. Sew or glue a pompom, a plastic ring, or toy on top for the finishing touch.

DIY Picnic Food Covers

A variation: Construct a glittering companion for your bug-free food. Draw some bunny ears, paint a cute, blushing face, and presto—a functional decoration!

All you need is five minutes to spare and the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!


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