DIY Daisies T-Shirt

DIY Daisies

I love plastic flowers! My favorite swimsuit is a cute vintage one covered in plastic daisies.  Flowers make lovely decorations for t-shirts, jumpers, handbags, cases–the options are endless!  This project is really easy; you only need scissors or a knife for studding if you choose a piece of light cloth like cotton. Recycle your old plastic file dividers or any scrap of soft plas­tic and get a lovely customized t-shirt!

DIY Daisies DIY Daisies

What you need

  • Printable pattern (download here)
  • T-Shirt
  • Plastic file dividers / PVC or any plastic tablecloth
  • Studs
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or permanent marker

Step 1

DIY Daisies

Down­load, print, and cut out flower tem­plates. Using a pen­cil or marker, trace 2 shapes of each design onto your plas­tic file dividers and cut out.

Make sure it’s a very smooth and soft plastic!

Step 2

DIY Daisies

Lay down your t-shirt and distribute flowers following the template or creating a different composition. Pin plastic flowers to the front side of the t-shirt, but be careful to pin just in the middle of the flower.

Try your t-shirt on to see how it looks! Correct flower positions if needed. Trace the center of each flower onto the t-shirt with a pencil.

Step 3

DIY Daisies DIY Daisies

Now stud flowers to the t-shirt. Piercing flower first, then studding it to the fabric. Take the back of the cloth and bend stud’s spikes inward, pressing with scissors onto a hard surface.

Step 4

DIY Daisies

Repeat the process with all the flowers.

DIY Daisies

Enjoy your new t-shirt   :)

Happy crafting!


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