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Dad Crafts - DIY Archery Bow and Arrows

Have you noticed the archery craze that’s sweeping across the nation? Between Mérida and the Hunger Games, it’s making quite a comeback. I’ve heard there are quite a few schools adding archery programs, too.

My 4 year old thinks it sounds pretty amazing, but I’m a little hesitant about buying a real set for someone his age. So how about we DIY-it instead? I’m super fascinated by the itty-bitty bow and arrows made from Popsicle sticks—they say they really work, and they have to be less dangerous than a full-size version, right? I sure hope so!

DIY Popsicle Bow and Q-tip Arrows // via all for the boys

DIY Popsicle Bow and Q-tip Arrows
via All for the Boys

Start small with some Q-tips, Popsicle sticks, and dental floss. This set has real Macgyver qualities, don’t you think? And it really works!

DIY Bow and Arrows // sophie's world

DIY Bow and Arrows
via Sophie’s World

This set was part of a great Hunger Games themed party, and includes a DIY quiver to hold all those arrows.

DIY Cardboard Tube Quiver // via domestic candy

DIY Cardboard Tube Quiver
via Domestic Candy

This super easy cardboard quiver project will keep your DIY arrows organized—all you need is a wrapping paper roll.

DIY PVC Bow and Arrow for Kids // via skip to my lou

DIY PVC Bow and Arrow
via Skip to My Lou

This DIY looks like the sturdiest of the bunch. I’m thinking it’d be a great second set, once you get the hang of a simpler one and want a little more “oomph.”

DIY Wooden Dowel Archery Arrows

DIY Wooden Dowel Arrows
via Creative Jewish Mom

These aren’t meant to be shot with a bow, but the designs are so cute I had to include them. Why not make the arrows in one of the above DIY’s look this pretty? I say go for it!

Pictured at the top of this post: DIY Archery Set via Craft Foxes


  • My daughter absolutely loves archery! Ever since watching the movie Brave! Last Winter she walked an entire 2.8 km to the bargain store to purchase hers! Just plastic but did we have some great hunts inside last year. I look forward to us making one of these together over the next coming cold season. Thank you for sharing!

  • love these ideas! it would be a fun craft to do with my daughter, decorate the arrows and stuff:) can i get me some washi tape:)

  • A word of caution if there is more than one child making these. As a parent that had to rush my son to the ER for laser eye surgery as a result of a home made bow and arrow direct hit, Its just not worth the risk. Note: neighborhood kids made these themselves without parents knowledge or supervision.

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