DIY Skateboard Book Cubby

DIY Skateboard Book Cubby DIY Skateboard Book Cubby

I love this simple yet totally ingenious DIY project–a rolling book cubby for kids made using a set of trucks & wheels from an old skateboard. Get the full details at Project Little Smith.


  • Soooo nice!

    The pic itself is nice aswell

    My hubbie made a small wooden table like this…(in the same wood, which we’ve used to create the concrete foundations for our house ;-)) and has put his old skate wheels under it …

  • Wow! I love your blog :) So happy that  came across it. Such a source of inspiration….I could spend hours on here. Thanks you so much, Aine

  • what a great idea, what if i wanted the book cubby to be twice the size than the one in the picture, would i do the same?

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