DIY Toys For All the Kids

Easy DIY Slingshot Toy for Kids

I don’t know about your home, but my entire family is getting kind of tired of this whole winter business. Just the other day my daughter was complaining about how much she wanted to get out into nature and smell fresh green leaves! It was sweet, but also a little trying – because what can we possibly do about it?

We can make some new toys, that’s what! By now, some of the Christmas toys have lost their new sheen and, sadly, are sitting neglected. So we might as well give them a break and make something unique that the kids can play with on their own. Check out these fun projects to soak up some after-school crafting time.

DIY Recycled Helicopter Toy for Kids

Helicopter Toys
see tutorial at Mamma Book

I am over the moon for these little helicopters! Can you believe you can make these at home? It might take a minute to gather up the supplies, but oh the results!  They’re worth it.

DIY Stacked Houses Building Blocks

Stacking House Blocks
see tutorial at Mer Mag

You can never ever go wrong with one of Merrilee’s tutorials. These adorable blocks are the perfect example of that. The minimal color palette is so lovely!

Easy DIY Doll Sewing Project for Kids

DIY Dolls
see tutorial at Babble Dabble Do

I’m going to show this one to my daughter ASAP. It’s such a simple way to make soft dolls. Plus, it’s actually approachable for younger kids who may not be ready for sewing!

Easy DIY Doll Bed Sewing Pattern for Kids

Wee Mouse Tin House PDF Pattern
see pattern at mmmcrafts

I’ve loved this little DIY for years now – it’s still on my bucket list! Get your PDF patterns and instructions from the link above, then gather up materials to make your own little travel mouse. So dang sweet.

Pictured at top: DIY Slingshots, see the tutorial at The Merry Thought