The DIY Trick-Or-Treater Greeter

DIY Trick-Or-Treater Greeter

Meet Big-Boned Al, the DIY Trick-or-Treater Greeter. He’s a little bit bony, a little bit rock n’ roll, and a whole lotta fun! We decided to adorn our door with something extra special this year in preparation for that magical night filled with boos and shrieks and children running amuck, knocking on doors looking for treats.

Big-Boned Al hangs on the front door, eyes wide, slight smirk, waiting to say howdy to every passerby. And if he really likes you, he might even do a little dance! All you have to do is say, “Happy Halloween Big Al!” and tug on his strings and our big-boned pal will bounce around making all the kids giggle and squeal.

DIY Trick-Or-Treater Greeter

With just a little construction paper and a few Command Outdoor Light Clips, you can make your new boney buddy come to life in under an hour. These outdoor decorations make it so easy to get festive for Halloween, and you can rest easy that you aren’t destroying the exterior of your house. The clips are damage-free and easy to use over and over again with refill strips so Big-Boned Al can make an appearance on your doorstep year after year.

What You Need

DIY Trick-Or-Treater Greeter
  • Big-Boned Al printable template (download here)
  • Black construction paper
  • 8.5-in. by 11-in. paper, white
  • Craft knife
  • Glue stick
  • Twine (we used black & white)
  • 2 orange beads
  • Hole punch
  • Command Outdoor Light Clips


DIY Trick-Or-Treater Greeter

Step 1
Download and print the Big-Boned Al Printable Template. Cut out all the bones and glue them to the black construction paper. Cut around the bones, leaving an even border of black.

DIY Trick-Or-Treater Greeter

Step 2
Assemble the bones using the hole punch and jumbo brads. If you have trouble, just remember the song: the head bone connects to the neck bone, and the neck bone connects to the…

DIY Trick-Or-Treater Greeter

Step 3
Use Command Outdoor Light Clips to assemble the pulley system that will bring Big-Boned Al to life. The clips are water- and UV-resistant and will hold up under all weather conditions. Secure one light clip upside down at the very top of the door frame. Place two clips a few inches away from the middle clip on both sides of the door frame. Then place two more clips on the door frame level with the door knob on both sides.

Place another light clip on the back of the skeleton’s head. Tie twine around this clip and hang from the clip at the top of the door frame.

DIY Trick-Or-Treater Greeter

Step 4
Run twine from through both of the light clips secured to the sides of the door frame and attach it at the skeleton’s elbow.

DIY Trick-Or-Treater Greeter

Step 5
Run twine from through both of the light clips secured to the sides of the door frame and attach it at the skeleton’s elbow. Tie an orange bead at the end of the twine to anchor them and make a cute little handle for the kiddos to grab. Now Big-Boned Al is ready to get his groove on!

DIY Trick-Or-Treater Greeter

Happy crafting ;-)

This post is sponsored by 3M Command Outdoor Light Clips.


  • So fun! We love using Command Strips for all of our decorating – they are the best! Thanks for the free printable!

  • Those Command Strips are handy-dandy!!! Much easier to make this guy hang in style – and what a fun welcome for our trick-or-treaters come Halloween!

  • Love. Love . Love the cute factor over the gore factor of this project. I’m going to expand it beyond Halloween and use it as a fun way to decorate the school room. We are doing anatomy right now.
    Cool use of command strips! I have used them for years to easily change decor INSIDE….why has it never occurred to me to use them outside. H.E.L.L.O…….

  • HI Remei,

    Thanks for the kind words. We love him too! We really wanted to create a craft that highlighted Command Brands outdoor hooks and Big Bone Al was born.

    Print him out and have fun making him dance + sing + move about! He really is super fun!

    Thanks for stopping in!!


  • Hi Mari,

    We were only thinking about Halloween but you can use it all year round. You’re right!! we are huge fans of your work too! We’re in love with your new shop!



  • Hi Kenni Raye,

    The dancing skeleton is awesome! We love him!! Our front door was just the right backdrop for his super cool dance moves. When you start pulling the strings …he becomes extremely silly!! Print this bad to the bone Halloween decoration out right this second!!

    Thanks for stopping in Kenni Raye!!

    High Five,


  • Hi Tracy,

    He is perfect for all ages. We aren’t into the super scary we’re into fall and fellowship! He is super fun and I promise your kids will love making him. He only takes a few minutes to glue and assemble.



  • Hi Asia,

    Command Brand has all kinds of hooks and fasteners for just about any project. We love them too! We were excited to pair up with them on this project!


  • Oh this might be one of the most original projects I’ve seen in a long time! We love those little wooden “jumpers” seen around Christmas, but making a big one for Halloween? Well, mind blown! I think we’ll be making a few of these just to have in our home (could you imagine them in a kids room?) Fantastic!

  • This is so adorable! Very halloweeny, but not scary for the little ones! I wish we actually got trick or treaters!

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