DIY Cardboard Unicorn Ring Holder

DIY Unicorn Ring Holder
They’re real! Unicorns are real! And this DIY Unicorn Ring Holder is proof. Kids will have so much fun making a magical little friend to keep watch over their most prized possessions. It’s a great way to repurpose paper rolls and perfect for keeping all your favorite rings organized at the same time. Two birds with one stone! The craft itself is quick and easy and the final result will adorable sitting on top of a dresser or bedside table. Plus, you can use it for fun make-believe play when not using it for stacking rings.

Materials for DIY Unicorn Ring Holder

What You Need

  • Three paper rolls
  • Colored construction paper
  • Craft glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Stickers
  • Masking tape
  • Yarn
  • Sequins, buttons, stickers, and/or marker (for decoration)
  • Scissors


DIY Unicorn Ring Holder Step 1

Step 1
Wrap two paper rolls with colored paper of your choice. Glue the paper down with craft glue and cut off any excess. One of the wrapped rolls will be for the head and the other will be the neck. When you’ve decided which one you want to use for the neck, cut it at a slight angle, so that the head will sit at a slightly downward angle once attached.

Use your hot glue to attach the head to the top of the neck.

DIY Unicorn Ring Holder Step 2

Step 2
Time to make the magical horn! Take your third paper roll and cut it down the center (as seen above). Roll it up into a cone shape, glue it together, and then cut off any excess. Wrap the cone using your decorative masking tape. You can also cover it with a different colored paper, or even paint it.

Attach the horn to the front top of the head using your hot glue gun.

DIY Unicorn Ring Holder Step 3

Step 3
To make the ears, cut out two small triangles from some of your paper roll scraps. Paint the ears directly, or glue colored paper to them. Then hot glue the ears in place.

Now add two sequins for the eyes. Other options could include tiny buttons, stickers, or even drawing eyes on with a marker.

Yarn Hair for DIY Unicorn Ring Holder

Step 4
Grab your yarn and cut pieces about 6 inches long, then tie the pieces together. This will be the hair for your unicorn. Use hot glue to attach the tied yarn to the back top of the unicorn’s head, leaving some fringe falling down on its face. (Unicorns can have bangs, too!)

DIY Unicorn Ring Holder

Step 5
Complete your creation by adding stickers to the neck and covering the bottom edge of the head (the nose) with some fun patterned tape.

DIY Unicorn Ring Holder

And that’s that! Stack up your favorite rings and start using your new unicorn ring holder. You can also put your unicorn on a pretty teacup plate to store other kinds of trinkets, brooches, and hair ties (as seen above). He’ll use his magical unicorn powers to keep your things safe and sound – and who knows, maybe he’ll even pass them along to you :)