DIY Wire Star Photo Holder

DIY Wire Star Photo Holder

We’re super excited to introduce our newest craft contributor, Victoria Hudgins. Victoria is the editorial manager for Alt Design Summit and the author of A Subtle Revelry, where she shares her passion for the art of merry making. Enjoy!

Add a little cheer that will last even after the holidays are through by making a sweet collection of DIY photo holders. Every year growing up, we would always receive a photo holder for Christmas to display our favorite photo from the season.

It makes such a difference come January to have a few happy snaps sitting around the room or on your desk, and it’s a great way to help your kids make the transition back to normalcy after all the hoopla of the holiday season.

DIY Wire Star Photo Holder Tutorial


  • Simple wooden blocks (found at craft stores)
  • Paint
  • Heavy gauge floral wire
DIY Wire Star Photo Holder Tutorial

Step 1
Paint the blocks using bright colors to cheer winter blues away.

Step 2
Cut the wire to size (the stars pictured above are 8-in. long).

Step 3
Use a template of a star that you love (here is a great one). Print it out and begin to bend the star around the template. Use needle nose pliers to make crisp angles and be sure to leave a 1/2-in. section in the middle to hold your photos.

Step 4
Gently twist the wire into the top center of the wooden block. You shouldn’t need a drill for this, the wood is soft enough that the wire will twist right in and stay. Use a small fitted drill bit if needed.

Step 5
Fill with happy photos of the holidays and adorn your mantels, desks, and rooms with joy all year long.

DIY Wire Star Photo Holder Tutorial

Happy crafting!


  • This little DIY is so darling. Such a sweet idea! Love the comment you made about the transition for the kids. So clever!

  • Hi…..I am trying to make this exact same thing, but 100 of them. What size wooden block did you use, 1inch or 1.5inch and does it have to be from a craft store, Because I am trying to make 100 of them I am trying to save some money and i have found a bunch of unfinished wooden blocks on etsy in bulk and was wondering if you think the wire will twist in just as easy, or do you think it’ twisted in as easy because it was from a craft store, so it was softer.

    Clearly I have never make these before and want to be sure I don’t waste my money. Did you have to drill a hole into the wood at all or you were literally just able to twist it in.

    Thanks so much for any help you can give me!

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